Hull A City Guide written by a student who lives and studies here

Hull: The City of Culture 2017, and a great place for fans of the arts as well as a good night out, so long as the weather holds.

Hull has a leading student union. In fact, it won the Best Bar None Gold Award 2013 and SUEI Gold Award 2012. The nightlife isn’t restricted to campus, though. Hull is the City of Culture 2017 and the party has already started here.

Princes Avenue is lined with lush restaurants and classic wine bars like Pave, or try Beverley Road for plenty of international foods as well as open mic nights to practice your music, poetry or comedy skills. Spiders nightclub, The New Adelphi club and The Welly Club are prime spots for dancing till the early hours, and feature a lot of ground breaking live acts. In the centre of Hull there’s The Sugar Mill, Pozition and The Tower, all offering a great night out.

Humber Street is a part of Hull’s historic Old Town and offers the best pub crawls bar none. Fruit Space is also worth checking out, offering you cult film nights, quizzes, and is hireable venue if you want to become part of the scene yourself. Humber Street boasts its very own corner of culture: Theiving Harry’s is the place to stop for a bite to eat, before checking out the galleries, antiques and bars.

Trinity Square also features some amazing niche eateries. PIE, for example, offers a uniquely delish range of savoury pies and gourmet versions of all of your favourite street foods. Explore the nearby Old Town and Marina more to find pub/eateries like the Old House and Minerva serving up gorgeous feasts.

Then, there are all the festivals!

The Humber Street Sesh festival brings you a street party of vibrant bands and artists, all night gigs, awesome food not to mention pop up shops to tempt you.

Newland Avenue is on the University’s very doorstep. Assemble Fest happens there twice a year, featuring quirky and fantastic immersive art in all forms at very accessible prices. In fact, you’ll find that almost everything in Hull is reasonably priced, especially compared to the South. Your student budget will go further in this city, but be careful there is that much happening you might not actually get round to studying.

One of Hull’s best kept secrets is the Trinity Festival. Not many churches would surrender to live acts for a weekend, but Hull Trinity Church becomes the central focus for this event. Year on year more live acts take part turning the Old Town into an all-night party.

Freedom Festival happens every summer, and much of it really is free. It amounts to a party on the Marina and a chance to soak up all the flavour of Humber Street, whilst celebrating freedom and diversity. Artists of all kinds descend for the festival, painting the streets with colour and filling the city with fun. It’s a great excuse to enjoy a pint on the marina and indulge in things you’d never realise were art.

There is also the Heads Up Festival every year. If music ain’t your thing, this will introduce you to a lot of great performances, and also spotlights some of the best venues in town like the Kardomah94, one of Hull’s premier bars. Head In A Book will tempt you with regular visiting authors throughout the year, and the Internationally renowned Hull Truck Theatre is a great place to find the most engaging stage performances in the region.

Every October, Hull Fair rolls into town. It is (arguably) the biggest travelling fair in the country and boasts a collection of rides and games to suit any kind of thrill seeker, as well as a hook-a-duck or two.

No matter what your tastes, Hull seems to have something to offer even on a student’s budget.

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