Manchester A City Guide written by a student who lives and studies here


Manchester is one of the greatest cities in the world for students. It boasts a thriving hub of shops, sporting attractions and culture which are prime visiting fodder for any self respecting student in the vicinity. The city is home to over 400 pubs, clubs and bars, predominantly in the main-centre with a thriving music scene which compliments the vast array of concert and gig venues littered throughout the city.

Often described as Manchester's 'Southern Quarter' is the Oxford Road area of the city. It is a popular drinking destination within the city-centre, mostly with students due to the locality of the University / College campuses. If you're based at the University of Manchester we recommend a trip to Fallowfield which encompasses a lot of the student halls, and unsurprisingly a plethora of cheap, or free to enter bars and clubs. The Northern Quarter is also known as 'Hipster Region' due to the large amount of 'quirky' bars and venues in it's midst. Deansgate is the destination if you're after a continuous happy-hour!

If your preference is food over cider why not try the Chinatown area of the city, of if you're more inclined to pick a bhuna over a Sweet and Sour, the Curry Mile in Rusholme is a definite must see due to the plethora of Indian restaurants on offer.

If you want to restrict your drinking to the night-time then we suggest a trip to one of the many cinemas in and around the city centre, inclusive of the Cornerhouse which boasts three large screens, a gallery and a rather good cafe. Another cultural spot which we recommend is the Lowry Centre, situated at Salford Quays, alongside the Imperial War Museum, both of which are iconic buildings housing iconic pieces of history.

If shops are more your thing then you've come to the right city! Manchester has a superb high street in the centre, boasting an extensive shopping arena which is a real magnet for the region, drawing people from far and wide to the city. Manchester also has a large range of boutique stores and trendy designer shops which are sure to cater to every want and need.

In regard to sporting prowess, you couldn't really ask for more from a city, what with two of the most famous football clubs splitting the city in two, Manchester City and Manchester United. The city is also home to the Lancashire County Cricket Club and boasts other extensive sporting facilities such as the National Cycling Centre and the Manchester Aquatics Centre.

Manchester is a fabulous, welcoming & multicultural environment that will ultimately lead to being the ideal study base for any student within the United Kingdom. It isn't known as 'the capital of the North for nothing'.

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