Study Abroad with Confidence! is impartial and independent and have selected a handful of products and services that we believe would benefit our Students. We feel while having a recommended and reliable travel insurance policy in place, will provide you and your love ones with piece of mind while you studying abroad.

In case;

You need Medical help for sudden illness or injury.

You need emergency medical evacuation for Sudden Illness or injury.

You have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control.

Your gear is stolen or damaged whilst travelling.

Check your Visa & Apply

Since 2003 our partner VisaHQ, Inc. has provided online visa services and U.S. passport solutions enabling travellers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world. Using unmatched, cutting-edge online technologies customers can apply for travel visas simply by filling out one universal, 100% paperless electronic form. We can also obtain, renew, replace or add pages to passports for U.S. Citizens.